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Grass Gameplay

"Old Reliable"

This terrain is the Halo Ball go-to for all intensive purposes. It has a high springy surface rating while providing a soft landing surface for high arial bouts.

Halo Ball backyard
Halo Ball backyard
Kid playing Halo Ball in the backyard
Teen playing Halo Ball in yard
Halo Ball between two trees
Halo Ball on beach in front of Chicago skyline
Halo Ball set up on sand volleyball court
Halo Ball set up on palm trees at beach
Halo Ball set up on beach volleyball court
Kid dunking on Halo Ball set at beach

Sand Gameplay

"Sunscreen Sucker"

With this terrain, you'll often find yourself at the beach between volleyball poles. What you lose in jumping ability you gain back in pure summer vibes. 

Water Gameplay

"High Knee Henry"

The pool set up was voted most underrated by its peers and for good reason. Jump in off the sides, pop up from underwater, and yam tomahawks from a stand still.

Pool basketball
Halo Ball in the pool
Halo Ball in the pool
Playing Halo Ball in the water
Kids in pool playing Halo Ball
Halo Ball set up in gym
Halo Ball set up on tennis court
Halo Ball set up indoors
Halo Ball set up in basement
Students playing Halo Ball in gym between volleyball standards

Court Gameplay

"Mrs. Basketball"

The hard top will make you think your playing basketball until a triple alley-oop, 360 slam, on a defenders head goes down and you'll remember this is Halo Ball.

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