Our Story

We launched Halo Ball in May of 2021 after a pandemic driven basketball drought closed down basketball hoops for over a year.  

The drought inspired the idea for a portable basketball hoop.  Along with a hoop that eliminated the worry of running into a pole. These factors combined to create what we know as Halo Ball. 

The floating hoop.

We founded Halo Ball as college students with passion for business and entrepreneurship second, and games and competition first. 

Now with our second order of units, we are ecstatic for the opportunity to spread our love and passion for Halo Ball! 

Let's make Halo Ball a sport!

Meet The Team
 Brandon Ng
Founder + CEO

5'8, 135lb, at Guard out of the Universityyy of Houston

Kevan Bauman
Founder + CMO

6'1, 175lb, at Small Forward out offff Valparaiso University

Benjamin Gordon
Founder + CIO

5'7, 145lb, at Center out of the Universityyy of Wisconsin-Madison

Nate Meyer
Head Brand Ambassador
Dylan Samuels
Chief Collegiate Brand Ambassador

6'0, 185lb, at Backup Point out of the 

Universityyy of Mizzou

6'1, 175lb, at power forward out of the 

Universityyy of Marquette

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