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Halo Ball team

The pandemic closed down basketball courts for over

a year which sparked the idea to use a slackline to suspend a basketball hoop in mid-air. Not just any

hoop, but one that could be set up on trees or poles anywhere, at any height. 


Halo Ball was launched in May of 2021 after a long

time group of college buddies came together to

turn that initial spark into a flame.


With some grit + grind and a couple viral videos,

Halo Ball absolutely took off. Its been featured

on ESPN, ABC, and more while thousands of sets

entertain players worldwide everyday.  

Our mission is to continue to bring fun and competition

to every park, beach, and backyard out there!

We are happy to promptly help with any questions or issues!

Thanks! We will be in touch within 24 hours.

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