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Each Setup Step You Need to Know,
All in Under
 5 Minutes.
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  • Where can I set up Halo Ball?
    You can set up Halo Ball in many locations! Some of our favorites are the beach, backyard, park, and pool! You can also set up on tennis courts, gyms, baseball fields, gazebos, playgrounds, basketball courts, tetherball poles, light posts, and more.
  • Where can I set up Halo Ball at the BEACH?
    You can set up Halo Ball at the beach in 2 main ways: Any beach volleyball court can be used to set up Halo Ball too! Palm trees or other trees as you would at a park or your own yard
  • Can you play Halo Ball in the POOL?
    Yes! Set up Halo Ball using the ladder, trees, or poles surrounding the pool and get to throwing down some SPLASHIN dunks and WET jumpers.
  • What if I don’t have a spot to set up Halo Ball in my yard?
    There are a few easy solutions + cost effective solutions, feel free to reach out with any questions Check out some parks or public areas in your area to scout out some potential spots you could set up Halo Ball, we always find a few. You can install eye bolts, 2 on each side to ensure the hoop won’t wobble as much, into walls to create your own anchors You can install wooden posts in your yard to create your own anchors
  • What if I need a longer line?
    You can connect 2 Halo Ball lines together to double the max distance to 80ft. Check out this video to see how.
  • Can you have multiple rims on the line?
    You can have as many as your heart desires! We usually play with 1-3 rims on the line, but feel free to get creative and create your own games that use different numbers of rims.
  • Do I have to use the tree protectors?
    We recommend you use the tree protectors when setting up Halo Ball on trees or sharp anchors to prevent wear and tear on the line, however, it is optional to use the protectors.
  • Is the Halo Ball Set bulky and heavy?
    The Halo Ball Set is 5 lbs and comes in a slim drawstring bag making it super easy to transport anywhere you go!
  • Does everything I need to play Halo Ball come in the Halo Ball Set?
    Yes! Everything you need to play Halo Ball comes in the Halo Ball Set. Check it out here.
  • How do I pick out a spot to set up Halo Ball?
    There are a few things you want to keep in mind when picking a spot to play Halo Ball. 40 ft distance between the trees, poles, or anchors of your choice Try to avoid low hanging branches Ideally, you want an area of about 20 ft x 20 ft around the center of the hoop
  • How do I know what height to set the hoop at?
    You can set up Halo Ball to ANY height. A general rule of thumb we use is setting up the hoop 2 ft above the shortest player. Generally we play at 8 '6".
  • How do I set up Full court Halo Ball?
    For this you will need 2 Halo Ball Sets and 2 spots to set up about 20-50 ft apart from each other. Set up your sets on each pair of anchors and now you have a full court Halo Ball set up to play a fast-paced, electric game! Check out some videos of full court Halo Ball here.


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