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Frequently Asked Questions




What’s included with a halo ball set?

Everything you need to play. It comes with a ball, ratchet, line, rim, tree protectors, net, velcro straps and a bag to hold everything. Extra balls can be purchased if needed!

How do I attach the net to the rim?

Take the top loop and fold it over the top of the rim. Then, take a zip tie and connect it around the top of the loop and the knot that starts the next diamond of the net. Repeat this step for 5 more times on one side of the rim and then 6 times on the other side of the rim. Lastly, cut the zip ties loose ends.  


Can you set it up on poles?

Yes! Poles are perfect anchor points to use to set up your Halo Hoop. Make sure the poles are firmly set in the ground though. 


What if you don’t have trees or poles to put it on?

We encourage our customers to be creative with their setups! For example, chain link fences, gates, playgrounds, etc. If you aren’t the creative type, go to your local park, there will be spots to set up. 


How far apart can it be set up?

The Halo Hoop can be set up to 41 feet apart! If you have more than one set, you can combine them to lengthen the set. 


Are the tree protectors necessary?

Yes!!! The tree protectors are extremely important to protecting YOU. The slackline is vulnerable to ripping apart if it catches a sharp edge on a tree or sharp pole. A rip will send the ratchet flying which can be dangerous. Tree protectors keep the tree, the line, and you safe. 


What is the ideal height and length for the setup?

Regulation height is 8’6”. For recreational play, we recommend that you play 1.5 feet above the average height of all athletes playing. 


How long does it take to set up?

It takes around 5-10 minutes. After a few tries, the process becomes much easier and quicker. 

What are the rules?

Visit the learn page on our website to find the rules. The basics: you can always pivot, pass, or shoot. No dribbling. Take up 2 steps if you want but lose the option to shoot. Layups and Dunks worth 1 point, alley oops worth 2. 


Is this a kids or adults game?

Both. Halo Ball is great for kids because the height is adjustable, but the gameplay becomes advanced with adults.


Is the Halo Set waterproof? 

It can get wet, but it is not ideal. Make sure to dry the ratchet off thoroughly if it gets wet to prevent rusting from occurring. A rusted ratchet can ruin the whole set. 


Can we send you our cool videos/pictures and to where?

Yes! We love to see highlights and are looking to repost videos on social media. Email your videos and pictures to

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