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Halo Ball team


The pandemic closed down basketball courts for over

a year which sparked the idea to use a slackline to suspend a basketball hoop in mid-air. Not just any

hoop, but one that could be set up on trees or poles anywhere, at any height. 


Halo Ball was launched in May of 2021 after a long

time group of college buddies came together to

turn that initial spark into a flame.


With some grit + grind and a couple viral videos,

Halo Ball absolutely took off. Its been featured

on ESPN, ABC, and more while thousands of sets

entertain players worldwide everyday.  

Our mission is to continue to bring fun and competition

to every park, beach, and backyard out there!


We believe that happiness is everything.


Spending our days working and growing together as

friends is our ultimate prize. We're doing our best to

cherish that everyday by prioritizing a fun and positive work environment. 

Halo Ball has given us a unique opportunity to spread happiness throughout the world where people can bond with family and friends, feel the jittery excitement of competition, and create lasting memories. At the end of the day, that's the motor that keeps us running. 

Halo Ball founders
Halo Ball teen dunking at the beach


Each and every person that has bought a set, played the game, or shared a post has been vital to our success.

We are so thankful for the people that took the

time to consider our potential and to all

those that have supported us!

To all of you, from everyone at Halo Ball, we appreciate you. 

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